36 Hours

RatcliffeBlog�Mitch’s Open Notebook: Flash-life: The timeframe of relevance

36 hours…that defines relevance for an on-line news story. 36 hours…and we are moving on to the next “thing”. 36 hours…

I have a hunch that this “36 hour” society of ours will eventually realize that nothing on earth can satisfy their appettite. I firmly believe that this “36 hour” society is starving for something timeless, significant, and purposeful. The Church has the answer. Are we willing to get into the mix and be bold enough to proclaim that we don’t have “a” answer but “the” answer? What about your co-worker? will you tell her about the transformation that takes place when Jesus enters a heart? What about your family? What about your community? Enough of trying to blend in…let’s stand out and be a contrast for our society. Jesus calls us in Matthew 5 to be salt and light. Add to the society, be a positive contrast, spread timeless truth, and not simply blend in and thereby be unheard because of the constant droning of society.


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