Can’t live in the past

Just saw a picture of me from High School days.  Reminder of how quickly time passes and how necessary it is that we do not live in the past.  If HS was the defining time in my life, things would be much different today that they are.  Upon graduating HS, I had only left the state of Texas 2-3 times, never flown in a plane, and pretty much thought I knew it all.  All that has changed…and then some.  About to come upon 21 years of living away from Texas, I have flown on a plane (a few times!), and the more I learn the more I realize how little I know.

The past is something we can celebrate and/or learn from, but it is not something we can duplicate or live from for very long.  For some that is depressing.  For others that is liberating.  For me…it is a little of both.

Walking increases memory…go figure

A New York Times article states that walking as much as 40 minutes per day has the potential to increase your memory as we age.  Another reason for us to remain as active and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.  I have noticed in my own life that my mental, emotional and spiritual energy goes up as my level of physical activity increases.  I am not sure why or how it happens, but it is definitely true for me.

It took a while for me to find time and an activity that works for me. and after three years of being very “religious” about it I finally feel that I am making some real progress in terms of level of fitness.  My recommendation for someone who wants to start or start again is to begin slowly and build gradually.  You might can make quicker progress but it won’t be sustainable which in my mind is more important.